Solar power for TV and lights

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Solar power for TV and lights
We know that the use of off-grid solar energy is to use solar panels to generate electricity, and it is direct current, and then powers the battery, and then powers the household appliances, such as solar TVs, solar lights, DC fans, DC refrigerators, etc. Some DC appliances also have built-in lithium batteries, which can also work very well.
For household solar power supply, the earliest applications used are light bulbs for lighting, fans, and televisions. These DC appliances are designed for low power consumption. For example, the light bulb may be less than 10 watts, and the fan may be less than 10 watts. It is even designed for low power consumption, such as a low-power 32-inch TV with only 12 watts of power consumption, and a 40-inch DC TV with only 16 watts.
Since these DC appliances are cleverly designed as low-power DC products, the investment in solar energy and solar equipment will be greatly reduced, which greatly promotes the widespread application of solar energy systems in areas lacking electricity.
The most common DC bulbs on the market have a minimum of 1 watt, including 2 watts, 3 watts, 5 watts, 10 watts, 20 watts, 50 watts and so on. Generally, there are fewer DC lamps if they exceed 50 watts.
The most common DC fans in the market are at least 5 watts, generally 10 watts, 15 watts, 20 watts, and 30 watts. Generally, there are fewer DC fans over 50 watts.
Among the more popular DC fans, there are vertical fans, seat fans, and ceiling fans. There are many DC fan styles to choose from.