Low power consumption television, solar powered television
we all know , many people watching television mostly will more than 5 hours, when TV power come from solar ,we will easy find ,TV always need consumes a lot of power energy, one normal LED TV need 40 watts one hour, 5 hours means 300 watts , one month means 6000 watts.
Our company recommends to customers to use low-power TVs specially adapted for solar power.We can compare the difference in energy consumption between ordinary TVs and low-power TVs:
TV SIZENormal Led TV WattageDP TV WattageSave energy (%)Power
40 inch50 watts16 watts68%AC/DC
32 inch45 watts12 watts73%AC/DC
24 inch35 watts10 watts71%AC/DC
22 inch35 watts10 watts71%AC/DC
19 inch35 watts9 watts 74%AC/DC

Average save solar power energy 70% ,that means can save solar power system investment 70%!
DONGPIN company advantage:
  • 11 years focus one AC/DC TV products
  • 2 factory Support different types of customer requirements
  • 100,000 pcs manufacture capacity
  • 9 invention patents
  • Made in China & Made in Malaysia ,Two manufacture factory support
  • ISO 9001:2015 [SGS] Company management system certification
  • IEC 62386-1/ IEC 62087-3 products quality certificate
  • 2 years warranty all products

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Series products
40", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 16 Watts
0.075CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable

32", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 12 Watts
0.055CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable

24", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 10 Watts
0.02CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable

22", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 10 Watts
0.019CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable

19", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 9 Watts
0.018CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable

17", AC 90V~250V, DC 9V-18V, 9 Watts
0.018 CBM/Pcs, 3m DC 5521 cable