Energy storage project for a clinic in Kenya
Requirement of client: The total power consumption of many electrical appliances, equipment and lighting is about 47KW,It needs to be complementary to photovoltaic and mains, and it needs to be complementary to diesel power generation
Detailed description
After careful confirmation of customer needs, we provide customers with the following solutions:
1-PV Array:(540W 18S12P), 216 SETS
2-DC distribution equipment:300A/1500V,1 SET
3-HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER:1000VDC 100KW,400V,50HZ,3P4W, Bypass, Diesel Sign.100KW,AC 400V,50Hz,Diesel Genset backup,Diesel and photovoltaic complementary,1 SET
4-Energy management system:1 SET
5-AC distribution equipment:1 SET
6-LiFePO4 Battery:51.2V/280Ah, 11S*3P =563.2VDC,Deep cycle battery,free maintain,14.336kwh*11pcs*4 Group=630.784kwh,with 80% capacity 5000cycle. 44 SETS
7-Battery rack :51.2/280Ah, 11PCS*4set, Support and connecting copper bar ,4 SETS
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When the residence is faced with unstable power and frequent power outages, the residential backup power supply is very necessary. The household energy storage power system made of high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery supports most inverters on the market to store and charge the battery. This type of backup power system includes 1KW, 3KW, 10KW, 20KW and other models, and supports stacking management according to the actual needs of users. The products include wall-mounted, stacked, rack-mounted and other methods, and many users directly use lithium iron phosphate batteries in parallel to achieve home energy storage.