74,500 rural homes in Peru to be electrified with solar PV

The next phase of the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Massive Photovoltaic Programme starts with electrification of rural homes in north and central Peru.
Approximately 48,000 of these homes are in the north of Peru and 26,500 in the central regions of the country.
The country-wide Massive Photovoltaic Programme was launched in 2017 as part of the rural electrification plan with the aim to electrify with solar PV systems the most remote rural areas of the country where there are high levels of poverty and that geographically are beyond the reach of the conventional grid.
To date the programme has brought electricity to more than 205,000 homes as well as more than 2,300 educational institutions and 630 health establishments.
The programme is aimed at meeting the basic needs of the rural households and enabling them to develop new small businesses.
The ministry said a private company for the design, construction and operation of the PV systems is to be selected.
The plan is executed through the Directorate of Rural Electrification with financial support from the Social Inclusion Energy Fund and Social Electricity Compensation Fund.
Peru’s rural electrification plan launched in 2016 aims to achieve a rural electrification level of 99% by 2025. At that time the electrification level was estimated at 93% nationally and 78% in rural areas.
Sustainable Energy for All’s 2020 progress report indicates the national electrification level had risen to 95% in 2018.
The other main component of the electrification plan is the development of rural electric systems through grid extension.